New Membership Options

New Membership Options

Hire A Pickup is now making it even easier to take advantage of our website if you have a vehicle for hire (operator).

Originally if you were an operator you can choose one of the two subscription options; yearly or monthly, now Hire A Pickup has non-subscription options!

All the options are:

Name Billing Expiration Details
options sign post Customer FREE None Customers/clients that have a job for the operators, login required to post – Always Free!
per month
None Monthly operator access. Includes 1 listing, save $2/month, automatic subscription payment via PayPal.
per year
None Yearly operator access. Includes 1 listing, save a further $28/year, automatic subscription payment via PayPal.
(1 month)
1 Month
One month of operator access. Includes 1 listing, NO subscription, have to manually renew.
(1 year)
1 Year
One year of operator access. Includes 1 listing, NO subscription, have to manually renew.
Per Use None Pay per use, this is for individuals that are not fulltime operators (for hire on occasional bases).

At first glance, as an operator, you would say “Why not just go for the casual operator option“? Even though the account itself is free, you still would have to pay for each listing you post and manually renew that post when it expires. Since the member would only be for hire on occasional bases, a persistent listing would not be needed. However, if you would be a full-time operator, you would want your listing to be permanent and not risk having your listing taken down. Customers look for operators that are consistent and have a history of good standing. That said if you are an operator and new to our site, the ‘Casual Operator’ option would be a good start as it allows you to check out the operator features and build your profile before starting the clock on a paid by month, year, or auto renew subscription.

The first in line advantage:

This site is just starting out and we need operators! Since the site is not busy yet, that means that the site admin at hireapickup.com is not busy yet (hint, hint). That means that if you email the admin of this site with your content (image of your vehicle, logo image (if have), public contact info, and some details/description of your service) he would be able to build your membership profile for you. Also if you have a membership that includes a listing he will build that for you too! I wouldn’t wait too long as this site could take off anytime.

BTW: At this time we still have coupons left for the free first-year subscription and the free first-month subscription.

Easy as 1 2 3

Becoming a member on this site is easy as one, two, and three:

  1. Register
    • Look for the ‘Register‘ link in the site main navigation.
    • Registration is open to anyone looking to hire a vehicle operator or anyone that has a vehicle for hire.
  2. Verify your email address
    • Once you have completed the registration, the site will send a link to the email address you provided.
    • Check your junk/spam/other folder in your email client/website and/or whitelist us, then select the link.
  3. Choose your membership
    • There are really only two membership types, customer (looking to hire a vehicle) and operator (have a vehicle for hire).
    • Customer membership is always free and operator membership has three options casual, monthly, or yearly membership.

Attention Operators!

We are looking for you, after all this site is all about you.

  • If you are one of the first one hundred to register, we offer the first-year membership FREE with no risk (cancel anytime).
  • Not only do we advertise you on our website, but we also have a Facebook page and group too. Like us and we will like you back.
  • Small/local operators often have a hard time ‘getting the word’ out, our site is community-based (in more ways than one) and here to help you.

If not an operator, however, know of one, please send them our way. You will not only be helping us out, but you will also be helping others find a means of transport that otherwise would not know of.

Attention Operators!

Attention Operators!

(people with a truck/van available for hire)

This site is brand new and just starting out, so to get things rolling we have a special offer.

If you have a truck/van for hire (a company or individual), be one of the first 100 to signup for a yearly operator membership and the first year is on us!

Just use the coupon code First100yearly at checkout and you don’t pay for the first-year membership.*

We also have 100 spots for one month of free membership, if you so choose or there are no more free first-year spots left.

Just use the coupon code First100monthly at checkout and you don’t pay for the first-month membership.*

BTW: If you are looking to hire a truck or van, customer membership is always FREE!

Honest and transparent, we are not here to deceive or trick you, we want everyone to be happy with our website and the services it provides. That is why the next paragraph lays out exactly that the regular operator membership is a subscription service and eventually, a subscription fee will occur if you don’t cancel before the free period expires. If you do get charged and no longer want to be a subscribed member, it outlines how any refunds (if any) are calculated. We are offering one free year because our site is still in beta testing and your help in launching our site is payment enough. If you are an active member for the whole year, we may extend your free membership at our discretion. Also, there is the casual operator option that is NOT a subscription, you only pay for the services you use (payment upfront, no billing).

* Regular operator membership is a $28/month subscription service that can be by your choice charged monthly or yearly. By subscribing to regular operator membership you agree that when your ‘free’ term ends that Hire A Pickup will automatically charge your PayPal account the monthly or yearly membership fee (pending on your choice at signup). You may cancel your membership anytime (even during the free period with no obligations), if you cancel after the free period, only months paid in advance can be refunded (yearly subscriptions are prorated monthly not daily, no refunds for monthly subscriptions).



Here at Hire A Pickup, we wish everyone to be safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Please protect yourself and others by wearing a suitable face mask and gloves while interacting with the customer or vehicle operator and/or items being handled while loading/unloading vehicle.

People who have been in a high-risk COVID-19 area or in contact with an infected person are not permitted to visit.

People with fever, cough, sore throat or other flu-like symptoms are not permitted to visit.



Keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters.

Passenger vehicles will likely be at reduced capacity (ex: occupy 1/2 the seats in the vehicle), please keep this in mind when choosing an operator for your charter.



So normally this would be found in our Hints & Tips section of our site, however, this document would be helpful for our non-members as well.

  • Customer
    • For the purpose of this site – a person looking to hire another person or company that has a vehicle (with driver) for hire.
  • Bonded
    • In short, being bonded means that a person or company has purchased a surety bond. Surety bonds are an operator’s way of reassuring customers that they stand behind their promises—and if they don’t, the customer will be protected.
  • Insured
    • Most areas require the vehicle to be insured to be legally able to drive on public roadways. The use of the word ‘insured’ in this case is that the person/company has extra (property/liability) insurance to operate commercially.
  • Intercity
    • Traveling/Transporting from one city to another (50+ km).
  • Licensed
    • Obviously, if they are operating a vehicle they are going to have the proper driver’s license to drive it. What licensed means on this site is that they have a permit to operate in a given area. Some areas require a permit to operate a vehicle for hire.
  • Local
    • Within a given area like a city and its outskirts (-50 km).
  • Operator
    • For the purpose of this site – a person or company that has a vehicle (with driver) for hire.
  • Vehicle
    • For the purpose of this site – a light-duty pickup truck/SUV or a box truck (like a U-Haul) or a flat deck (like a tow truck) and now includes vans and busses.
Hello world!

Hello world!

This site will feature posts in our operators’ directory from various people/companies that have a vehicle typically other than a car that can transport various items. The vehicles can range from a light-duty (1/2 ton) pickup truck/SUV to a box truck (like a U-Haul) or a flat deck (like a tow truck). People with stuff to move will visit the site and choose the truck/service that best matches what they are looking for or post a job for the operators to answer.

NEW: Hire A Pickup now offers categories for charter bus/shuttle services.

Note: Due to COVID-19 operators likely will be at reduced capacity (ex: occupy 1/2 the seats in the vehicle), please keep this in mind when choosing an operator for your charter.

This site is brand spanking new, so new that it is still in beta testing. What that means is that even though you can visit the site, some features may not be available yet or may not be working the way expected. If you use this site (while it is still in beta) please keep this in mind, feel free to report any issues or make suggestions using our contact us form.

In the future we are looking into other features to add to the site – so stay tuned!