Connecting people with stuff to move with people that have the vehicles to move it.

Welcome to Hire A Pickup!

Do you have something that needs hauling, or have a vehicle that can do the hauling?

At Hire A Pickup we are all about connecting people with stuff to move, with the people that have the vehicle to move it!

If you need to hire a pickup, then browse the operators’ directory, or sign in as a customer and post a job. If there is a vehicle operator in your area that is suited to your job, they will respond to your post.

By the way, customer membership is always free!

If you have a vehicle available for hire, then sign in as an operator. After you paid the membership fee, you will be able to post in our operators’ directory, view and respond to jobs posted by customers.

By posting a well-detailed post in the operators’ directory, you may be able to snag that job before it goes to the job board!

Please feel free to explore our site.

You may contact us, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.