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Registered Operator

Now you have an activated operator account (see Easy as 1 2 3), let’s put it to work!

The first thing you will want to do is set up your directory listing, it is what allows people to find you and advertises the services you offer.

  1. Please log in if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to the Submit Listing drop-down menu under the Directory in the main navigation.
  3. Fill in all the fields that you can;
    1. Listing title – Your business name or the name your customers know your service by.
    2. Description – describe what vehicle you offer, what services you provide with it, hours of operation, and terms of your service.
    3. Contact email – only fill this out if you want to use a different email than you registered with.
    4. Categories – classification of vehicle you are using for your service.
    5. Listing Tags – search keywords that people will use to find you.
    6. Phone – preferably a phone number to your cellular phone dedicated to your business (include all ten digits).
    7. Listing Media – attach photos of the vehicle you will be using.
    8. Attach videos – enter the URL of your YouTube video (if you have one).
    9. Listing locations – this is important as North America is a very big place;
      1. Country – choose one in North America.
      2. Address line (1 & 2) – if you have a commercial address then enter it here, otherwise, use a postal box or an address of a nearby public place (ex: mall or civic center).
      3. Postal code – use your postal/zip code here.
      4. Additional info – is what pops up when your map marker is selected.
    10. Enter coordinates manually – if your address is not available on the map or
      Generate on the map – if you don’t know your coordinates.
    11. I agree to the Terms of Services – the check box needs to be checked in order to continue. Selecting the link will open a new tab with the terms of service document to read.
    12. Submit new listing – this adds your listing to our directory.

The next thing you may want to do is set up your webpage on our site. This is a freeform page (you set it up any way you want).

  1. If you go to My Content in the main navigation and don’t see a link to a page with your display name on it, then you will need to generate one.
    1. Go to Profile in the main navigation and select [ Update ].
    2. You should see the “Your webpage has been successfully added!” message.
  2. Below your page title, you should see a pencil icon, selecting it will open the page editor.
  3. My Content editor;
    1. Title – your page title, default is your display name. Changing this does not affect the page URL (web address).
    2. Status – draft or published, default is draft, only change this when your page is ready. The page is not available to the public while it is in draft status.
    3. Content – clear out the default welcome message and add your own content.
      • You can add images and formatted text here.
      • Keep in mind that it is a single page (poster) meant to inform customers of your services (think a single sheet of paper), please do not add too many images or write a book.
    4. Actions – Save, Save & Return, Save & Preview, and Cancel.
  4. When the page is ready, you set its status to publish, and then the public can now access it here:

You can use this newly created URL (web address) on any print material or online in other directories or social media sites.

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