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This website allows truck/van owners to post that they (and their vehicle) are available for hire.

If you own a truck/van, have it pay for itself or even turn a profit!

Unlike those rideshare apps, Hire A Pickup does not ask for a percentage as you work for yourself and not us. Set your own schedule and terms, it’s your truck/van after all.

Hire A pickup recommends that you find out what is required in your region to operate a vehicle for hire service before engaging in such activities. Please read our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.

Directory/Webpage/Profile Tips:

  • The display name can be a business name or what your customers know you by.
  • You should have a photo of yourself or your company logo available to upload.
  • You should have a photo of your vehicle (vehicle positioned so that the front or rear and driver’s side are visible). See the Test User profile for an example.
  • Details should include what services you provide, terms, and the hours you operate. Contact information and location are not needed here as there are other fields for that information.
  • No abbreviations (short form) of City/Town and/or Province/State names, always use the full name. Use the closest City name to where you primarily operate (do business).
  • It is important to set your location information as this website is open to the world (however, currently set up for North America) and customers are going to use search to find operators in their area.
  • Publishing a cellphone number is optional. Having a cellphone number dedicated to your business (not your personal number) is recommended. If using a cellphone to answer calls while driving it is recommended to use a hands-free device. Please be aware of the regulations on cellphone use in your region.
  • Links to your social accounts are allowed, however, optional.

Other resources:

Message from the site author,

This website is free to use, but not to operate. Please consider supporting my services by making a donation. It would also make me very happy if you would like this site’s Facebook page.

A huge thanks in advance!