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Hire A Pickup is all about connecting someone that have stuff they need to move with someone that has the means to move it.

The creator and administrator of this website (in his younger days) know all too well the hardship of not having the means of moving a piece of furniture (ex: couch) or an appliance (ex: fridge) when you need to.

  • Owning a truck when you might only need it once in a year or two if not fewer is a waste of money/resources and where do you keep it when not using it?
  • Asking a friend or family member (if you know of any that has a truck) either is always too busy or too far away to make the trip.
  • Calling a taxi or a ride-share is not going to have a big enough vehicle to do it.
  • Good luck getting a rental on short notice and even if you have a credit card and a license are you going to drive it?

On the flip side, the creator and administrator of this website also know that having a truck cost money (insurance, maintenance, fuel, parking), and making a little money on the side to help pay for it would be nice.

What’s the solution? This website!

People that have a vehicle (truck/van) for hire aka operators can register on this site as an operator, list in our searchable Operators Directory, and publish a webpage featuring their services.

Note: When registering as an operator it is important that you choose your username wisely when registering on this site. You want it to represent your service online (keep it simple and short and intuitive to your customers). Your username becomes part of your own web address on this website (ex:

Message from the site author,

This website is free to use, but not to operate. Please consider supporting my services by making a donation. It would also make me very happy if you would like this site’s Facebook page.

A huge thanks in advance!