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If you answer yes to the next three questions, you could be making some extra cash!

Q1: Have a pickup truck or any kind of van or wagon that you can drive?

Q2: Know your way around the community you live in?

Q3: Have a cellphone that you can receive calls and/or text and/or email?

Register as an operator, complete your profile, and now you have a website that promotes your pickup & delivery service. Also, this site allows you to browse any jobs posted on our site for your area or customers can request your services directly through the site.

The best part is that (for now) it’s FREE! This allows you to get established on our site and allows our site to get established in your community. (our site only works if there are operators to do the jobs)

Because this site is just getting started, the site admin is all about helping you be a success on this site and in your community. Any helpful suggestions are welcomed and if you need some help with the site, just contact us.

Let’s get started!

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