New Membership Options

Hire A Pickup is now making it even easier to take advantage of our website if you have a vehicle for hire (operator).

Originally if you were an operator you can choose one of the two subscription membership options; yearly or monthly, now Hire A Pickup has non-subscription membership options!

All the membership options are:

Name Billing Expiration Details
options sign post Customer FREE None Members that have a job for the operators, membership required to post – Always Free!
per month
None Monthly operator membership. Includes 1 listing, save $2/month, automatic payment via PayPal.
per year
None Yearly operator membership. Includes 1 listing, save a further $28/year, automatic payment via PayPal.
(1 month)
1 Month
One month of operator membership. Includes 1 listing, have to manually renew membership.
(1 year)
1 Year
One year of operator membership. Includes 1 listing, have to manually renew membership.
FREE None This membership for individuals that are not fulltime operators (for hire on occasional bases).

At first glance, as an operator, you would say “Why not just go for the free casual operator option“? Even though the membership itself is free, you still would have to pay for each listing you post and manually renew that post when it expires. Since the member would only be for hire on occasional bases, a persistent listing would not be needed. However, if you would be a full-time operator, you would want your listing to be permanent and not risk having your listing taken down. Customers look for operators that are consistent and have a history of good standing. That said if you are an operator and new to our site, the ‘Casual Operator’ option would be a good start as it allows you to check out the operator features and build your profile before starting the clock on a paid/subscription membership.

The first in line advantage:

This site is just starting out and we need operators! Since the site is not busy yet, that means that the site admin at is not busy yet (hint, hint). That means that if you email the admin of this site with your content (image of your vehicle, logo image (if have), public contact info, and some details/description of your service) he would be able to build your membership profile for you. Also if you have a membership that includes a listing he will build that for you too! I wouldn’t wait too long as this site could take off anytime.

BTW: At this time we still have coupons left for the free first-year membership and the free first-month membership.

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