Attention Operators!

(people with a truck/van available for hire)

This site is brand new and just starting out, so to get things rolling we have a special offer.

If you have a truck/van for hire (a company or individual), be one of the first 100 to signup for a yearly operator membership and the first year is on us!

Just use the coupon code First100yearly at checkout and you don’t pay for the first-year membership.*

We also have 100 spots for one month of free membership, if you so choose or there are no more free first-year spots left.

Just use the coupon code First100monthly at checkout and you don’t pay for the first-month membership.*

BTW: If you are looking to hire a truck or van, customer membership is always FREE!

Honest and transparent, we are not here to deceive or trick you, we want everyone to be happy with our website and the services it provides. That is why the next paragraph lays out exactly that the regular operator membership is a subscription service and eventually, a subscription fee will occur if you don’t cancel before the free period expires. If you do get charged and no longer want to be a subscribed member, it outlines how any refunds (if any) are calculated. We are offering one free year because our site is still in beta testing and your help in launching our site is payment enough. If you are an active member for the whole year, we may extend your free membership at our discretion. Also, there is the casual operator option that is NOT a subscription, you only pay for the services you use (payment upfront, no billing).

* Regular operator membership is a $28/month subscription service that can be by your choice charged monthly or yearly. By subscribing to regular operator membership you agree that when your ‘free’ term ends that Hire A Pickup will automatically charge your PayPal account the monthly or yearly membership fee (pending on your choice at signup). You may cancel your membership anytime (even during the free period with no obligations), if you cancel after the free period, only months paid in advance can be refunded (yearly subscriptions are prorated monthly not daily, no refunds for monthly subscriptions).

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