Hello world!

This site will feature posts in our operators’ directory from various people/companies that have a vehicle typically other than a car that can transport various items. The vehicles can range from a light-duty (1/2 ton) pickup truck/SUV to a box truck (like a U-Haul) or a flat deck (like a tow truck). People with stuff to move will visit the site and choose the truck/service that best matches what they are looking for or post a job for the operators to answer.

NEW: Hire A Pickup now offers categories for charter bus/shuttle services.

Note: Due to COVID-19 operators likely will be at reduced capacity (ex: occupy 1/2 the seats in the vehicle), please keep this in mind when choosing an operator for your charter.

This site is brand spanking new, so new that it is still in beta testing. What that means is that even though you can visit the site, some features may not be available yet or may not be working the way expected. If you use this site (while it is still in beta) please keep this in mind, feel free to report any issues or make suggestions using our contact us form.

In the future we are looking into other features to add to the site – so stay tuned!


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